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The Centre of Research and Training for Regional Development - CINCADER is an organization dedicated to promote the Global Sustainable Development (GSD). It is composed by professionals with research experience.

Principal Research:

Dr. Ing. Jhonny Valverde Flores
Professor in Environmental Engineering
Lima - Peru

Telephone: +51-949585952

- Specialist in Investment - Development Projects.
- Consulting, Training in entrepreneurship Management.
- Specialist n: Industrial Security, entrepreneurship Networks, Value Chains, Innovation an Technology Management.

Interests of Research and Activities  
- Treatment of wastewater by Micro and Nanobubbles
- Membrane filtration
- Separations of oils/water by Membranes.

Researchs performed
Reduction of coliforms presents in domestic wastewater by means air-ozone micro-nanobubbles in Carhuaz-Ancash, 2016.
Rudy Cruz Pascacio y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú

Efficiency of micro-Nanobubbles for wastewater treatment in Puerto Bermudez, Oxapampa, Pasco".
Rómulo Reyes Gamarra y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú

"Removal of organic matter from mop process using micro-nanobubbles in a tannery, Lima, 2016".
Guisely Aguilar y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú

Reduction of fecal coliforms presents in sea water by means ozone-air micronanobubbles in Los Pavos Beach, Barranco.
Benazir Abate Trujillo y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú

Reduction of metals in production plant effluents by means air micronanobubbles in a Battery factory, Puente Piedra, Lima, 2016.
Priscila García Bermúdez y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú

"Micronanobubbles aereation to reduce oils and fats lubricants of wastewater from an Auto Center"
Prudencio y Jhonny Valverde Flores
Lima - Perú



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