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Our strategy is being an second level organisation that helps organisations and businesses to create value and develop new products or services based on Research, Development and Innovation. This will be achieved through internal procedures of different areas to our strategic partners in order to create long-term value, maintain good working relationships, customer loyalty, and be responsible to the environment.

Here, we present our Vision, Mission and Institutional Lema.


"Being an organisation leader in Latinamerica, recognized internationally for its innovative character and its multidisciplinary work with students, teachers, researchers and companies through strategic alliances jointly to promote the sustainable development of our peoples".


"Strengthen technical-professional knowledges of students, professionals businesses, organizations through training research, development and dissemination of science, innovation, technology and culture by promoting the construction of a modern, just and equitable society".


"Sustainable Development for a better life quality"



"Improving the competitiveness of organizations/business and promote employment through quantitative and qualitative increase of the innovative and technological activity in the Region"


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Creativity and Innovation


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  Formulation of Technological Innovation Projects.

Innovation and creativity.

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