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World Scientific Organization (WSO), which belong to Centre of Research and Training to the Regional Development (CINCADER), cordially invites all the participants from around the world to attend to the “First International Conference on Scientific Research” (ICSR1) during 12th and 13th December 2018, in Lima, Peru.

WSO aims to provide high-quality current reports of scientific progress and best practices in the field of Sciences through its oral presentations and posters. The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines.

The primary goal of WSO in Lima is to present state-of-the-art research, recent achievements and global trends in science and technology, also to promote cross-disciplinary interactions that can spur the development of this exciting research field. Special emphasis will be placed on Education, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health and Medicine, Management Sciences, and Sciences and engineering

The conference will witness important presentations by the extensive range of eloquent speakers, policy makers and scientific leaders from around the world; who will assemble in Lima with the common objective of making this world a better place by providing the solution to the problems. All of full articles presented in this important event will be published in the following journals:

All of full articles presented in this important event will be published in the following journals

  • Journal of Nanotechnology.
  • Journal of Energy&Environmental Sciences.
  • Journal of Sciences and Engineering.
  • Journal of Global Health and Medicine.
  • Journal of Global Management Sciences.
  • Journal of Global Education Sciences.
  • Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Journal of Natural Sciences.

These journals are available in: GoogleScholar, Redalyc and Scopus (soon) it adheres to Open Access.

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